What we see in Smartphones today is a story of convergence; between hardware, software and the folks that manufacture them. Case in point, China, where not only has the former converged from specs. standpoint, but also a marketplace one. The evidence is clear as shown by this research article and chart from Counterpoint:


Source: Counterpoint

Counterpoint’s James Yan makes this clear saying “The top four Chinese brands now capture close to 69% of the market as these brands have raced ahead of international and other local brands with expansive distribution reach and exciting portfolio.”

Source: Counterpoint

The theme here, as I hope with much of my writing, will be about the future. In a global world, the building blocks of a business – particularly a smartphone business – can be reached by many (if not any). So the question for smartphone brands whether from China or elsewhere is, how can I be better? The answer is a combination of things from brand to product to service and more.

What’re your thoughts on convergence and the future of smartphones? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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