Smartphone/Tech Content on YouTube

I've been steadily adding to my YouTube subscriptions for a while now but like any list, there are always stuff you miss out on. That's why I'm sharing my subs with you guys - if you're interested in watching great Technology on the platform, check out the people below. And feel free to suggest anyone/any … Continue reading Smartphone/Tech Content on YouTube

The Next Billion

The WSJ published an interesting piece on "the next billion" smartphone users. I particularly like these quotes in reference to the Internet: “We don’t know anything about emails or even how to send one,” said Mr. Singh, who went online only in the past year. “But we are enjoying the internet to the fullest.” “Life … Continue reading The Next Billion


What we see in Smartphones today is a story of convergence; between hardware, software and the folks that manufacture them. Case in point, China, where not only has the former converged from specs. standpoint, but also a marketplace one. The evidence is clear as shown by this research article and chart from Counterpoint:   Counterpoint's … Continue reading Convergence